Dundo promet Ltd. is a small family business, initially small workshop that produced windows and doors from beneton profile and aluminum lightweight construction and sheet metal facades and roofs.

Business went well, but as the war in Croatia starded, first problems started occurring. In spite of the problems caused by war, the company managed to withstand all trouble, and in 1995 – in a fortuitous chain of events, Mr. Dunaj started working for an Austrian buyer. With the passing of years, the Austrian company expanded, comissioning more products, which had a positive effect on the recruitment of new workers and the expansion of production.

Dundo promet Ltd.

The historical development


Founding Dundo promet Ltd., which is located in Jazvine,  near the northwestern Croatian town of Krapina. The company’s owner and founder is Mr. Marjan Dunaj.


A new building with bigger production capacity was built in order to keep up with increasing business demands from customers satisfied with product quality and on-time delivery, as well as the minimal amount of reclamations.


The company embarked on a major investment regarding machinery renewal. The first laser cutting machine in the region was bought. A year later, two new metal bending machines were bought.


Among many awards, both for business success and monetary donations, recieved in the past decade, the company is particulary proud of the 2007 ‘Golden Marten’ award for best small enterprise in the Krapina-Zagorje County.


Today the company employs 47 employees and prides itself on quality and compliance with delivery deadlines and high European quality standards.

The company consists of:

We are proud to point out that our company is environmentally friendly and it disposes of all toxic and non-toxic waste generated in production according to high safety standards, and also helps the local government, community and school through various donations and other forms of help.