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Dundo-promet d.o.o. is engaged in the manufacture of metal products, using the latest technologies in the processes of laser cutting, CNC bending, welding, and machining.


In addition to continuous improvement and modernization of machinery, we place great emphasis on infrastructure and constant expansion of our production and storage capacity, so that at the moment we have two production halls equipped with the most modern machines, with a total area of ​​more than 3000 m².

From the beginning of 2021, we belong to the category of medium-sized companies, and we employ about sixty workers, whose expertise, knowledge and experience, combined with continuous training, form the basis of our past and future progress.

Quality, innovation and flexibility are what set us apart from the competition, and as a confirmation of that we emphasize a number of business awards and recognitions for successful business.

  • Golden kuna – HGK award given for for business success and contribution to the Croatian economy, and the list of nominations for this award is based on the calculation of established indicators, evaluating the overall business image of companies and their impact on the development of their business. We won this award in 2005, 2011, 2012, 2013 and 2017. We are especially proud of the nomination for the award of the Golden kuna at the state level in early 2013, which entered a narrow circle of the 5 best small businesses in the Republic of Croatia.
  • Crystal kuna – The Croatian Chamber of Commerce awards the Crystal kuna as a special recognition for winning the Golden kuna for three years in a row. The company that won the Crystal kuna is excluded from the competition for the next three years from the year when it won the Golden kuna for the third time in a row. In 2014, we were awarded the Crystal kuna Award for continuity in business excellence.
  • Creators for Centuries – a great recognition of the International Economic Forum “Perspectives” for its contribution to the development of entrepreneurship in Central and Southeast Europe for 2018, when DUNDO-PROMET d.o.o. and the company’s founder, Mr. Marjan Dunaj, received an award and recognition for a special initiative and excellence in entrepreneurial creativity “Creators for Centuries”.
  • Numerous recognitions, thanks and memorials for their contribution to the local community.
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The vision of the company DUNDO-PROMET d.o.o. is manifested through a professional and engineering approach to provide customers with innovative and high quality service, as a leading supplier and manufacturer of metal products to existing and future customers.

Constant monitoring of trends, and focus on meeting specific customer requirements, is our vision of a stable future.

In addition to being a regional leader, we want to become and remain a respectable partner and a worthy competitor globally to those companies engaged in the same or similar business.


The mission of DUNDO-PROMET d.o.o. is to monitor and respond to specific customer requirements and increase their satisfaction through continuous improvement of the technical level and quality of products.

DuTrax d.o.o.

A young and innovative subsidiary company founded in 2019. By applying the engineering approach, it is focused on the production, modification and service of firefighting vehicles and equipment.

Dutrax vatrogasna vozila