Dundo-promet d.o.o.

What are we doing?

Dundo-promet d.o.o. deals with laser cutting and CNC bending and metal processing, production of light metal structures, processing of sheet metal and all types of metal products, and perform all tasks related to bending, welding, drilling, turning, milling, thread cutting, etc.

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We are proud to point out that our company is environmentally aware and disposes of all types of hazardous and non-hazardous waste generated in production, helps the local government, community and school with numerous donations and other forms of assistance.


Dundo-promet laser

Laser cutting

Laser technology allows us a wide range of solutions and options when constructing more complex elements and shapes.

Dundo-promet savijacica

CNC bending

Sheet metal bending is done on CNC benders, which ensures the quality and adaptation of products to market needs.

Dundo-promet zavarivanje


Available technology and a skilled workforce ensure quality welding of structural steel, stainless steel and aluminum.

Dundo-promet lakirnica

Varnishing and shot blasting

Varnishing and shot blasting is carried out in controlled conditions with the use of modern chambers, which ensures perfect results.

Dundo-promet strojna obrada


The precision and quality of technological processes (turning, milling, grinding and sawing), is achieved by modern machines, respecting the highest industry standards.

Dundo-promet ostali tehnološki procesi

Other technological processes

Drilling, grinding, punching, threading, embossing nuts, countersinking (breaking edges), sawing, cutting and more.


Dundo-promet d.o.o. has its own production facilities, open and closed warehouses, large manipulative areas, and is equipped with modern machines and tools needed for the production and manufacture of metal products.

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Dundo certifikat HRN EN ISO 3834 1-150

HRN ISO 3834-3 [HR]

TÜV Croatia

Requirements in accordance with the standard for the Manufacturing of Steel Constructions

Dundo certifikat ISO 9001 2022 - EN

ISO 9001 [EN]


For the management system according to ISO 9001:2015 in the field of Production of metal products, light metal structures and metal working.

Dundo certifikat BS EN 1091-1 - EN

BS EN 1090-1 [EN]


Structural component and kits for steel structures to EXC2

Dundo certifikat EN1090-2-p1

EN 1090-1 [EN]


Structural component and kits for steel structures to EXC2 (load bearing structures in all types of buildings)