DuTrax d.o.o.


Our subsidiary company, which manufactures firefighting vehicles and equipment:

  • Production of a complete firefighting vehicle
    • We develop a complete firefighting vehicle according to customer requirements. We adapt to the chassis of different manufacturers and make the vehicle according to Your needs.
    • Vehicle superstructures, water and foam tanks, fuel tanks and fire extinguishing systems are made to measure and according to the individual needs of the customer.
    • We implement signaling and control systems according to the direct requirements and needs of the customer.
  • Firefighting vehicle modification
    • We provide the service of vehicle modernization and adaptation of existing superstructures.
    • We modify the existing vehicle and upgrade according to Your needs.
  • Superstructures of firefighting vehicles
    • We make and install superstructures on all types of vehicles, from cars and command vehicles to trucks, according to Your needs.
  • Additional equipment and specialized brackets
    • We install additional equipment and equipment brackets that we make to measure, according to the type of equipment, installation position and available space. The brackets guarantee safety, so that the equipment does not move while driving, and they are designed for quick and easy access to the equipment.
    • We provide the service of installing sound and light signals on vehicles and the implementation of warning systems.
  • Vehicle and superstructure service
    • We perform service and maintenance of firefighting vehicles, but also repairs and regular maintenance of superstructures, electrical components and fire extinguishing systems.
  • Production according to Your request
    • If You have specific requirements for Your vehicle, contact us and we will be happy to study Your requirements.

    DuTrax d.o.o.

    A young and innovative subsidiary company founded in 2019. By applying the engineering approach, it is focused on the production, modification and service of firefighting vehicles and equipment.

    Dutrax vatrogasna vozila