Laser cutting



Laser technology provides us with a wide range of solutions and options when constructing more complex elements and shapes.

Dundo lasersko rezanje

About the technological process of laser cutting

Industrial production is recording an increase in the application of laser cutting technology.

The main advantages of this technology can be used in almost all branches of industry, from microelectronics to shipbuilding, thanks to:

  • high power density, ie low heat input
  • narrow heat affected zone
  • small deformation of the workpiece
  • high cutting speed
  • high quality cut
  • high flexibility


High-power fiber lasers consist of active optical fibers and semiconductor diodes. They are a blend between two innovative and the most advanced laser technology. Fiber lasers use single emitter semiconductor diodes as a light source to create active fibers. The emitted laser beam is contained in the optical fibers and travels through an insulated flexible cable. Active fibers are special optical fibers enriched with rare earth ions that allow them to create extremely sharp light from a very small core. In this way, a large output power (in kW) is created with top beam quality.


CO2 lasers emit light with a wavelength of 10.6 µm and have an overall efficiency of approximately 10 to 13%. To create a laser beam CO2 lasers use a mixture of gases. The mixture of these gases consists of helium, nitrogen, CO2 and other additives. The active medium of the laser, CO2 gas is stimulated by electrical discharge. During this process, nitrogen molecules transfer energy, from electron collisions, to CO2 molecules. The transition from a higher energy level, excited CO2 molecules, to a lower energy level is achieved by releasing photons, which ultimately leads to the creation of a laser beam.

Constantly investing in sheet metal cutting machines and equipment, we are able to offer cutting of various thicknesses and types of materials. Laser cutting achieves high material efficiency and thus lower production costs..

Thanks to the above, we offer top quality and precision laser cutting using the most modern and technologically advanced machines on the market.

Laser Dundo promet
Laser Dundo promet

Laser cutters


  • Machine power: 3.2 KW
  • Laser sheet metal cutting (steel 20 mm, stainless steel 12 mm, aluminum 8 mm)
  • Table dimensions: 3000×1500 mm


  • Machine power: 4 KW
  • Laser sheet metal cutting  (steel 25 mm, stainless steel 20 mm, aluminum 20 mm, copper 8 mm, brass 8 mm)
  • Table dimensions: 4000×2000 mm


  • Machine power: 6 KW
  • Laser sheet metal cutting  (steel 32 mm, stainless steel 35 mm, aluminum 25 mm, copper 10 mm, brass 10 mm)
  • Table dimensions: 3000×1500 mm